Unpainted Wooden Furniture Care Tips


Unpainted Wooden Furniture - Many people who crave the unpainted furniture in the form of wood. In addition to the natural color, the color of the wood is very slick to be made of unpainted wood furniture. But the treatment you must be smart because if the wood is not easy to be damaged and porous.

Here are tips for unpainted wood furniture does not become porous, nice and durable.

Do not Affected Unpainted Wood Furniture by Heat Directly

Unpainted Wood Furniture has a moisture content in it. It is therefore not exposed to direct heat as this could cause cracks of unpainted wood furniture. Including laid out in the yard so it could be exposed to the sun without any barrier. Wood color can fade when frequently exposed to sunlight. You should not put a chair or a table near the wood stove or fireplace.

Unpainted Wood Furniture Must Not Soaked with Water

Avoid soaking the unpainted furniture of wood in the water. Nor is immediately flushed with water because it could damage the surface of the unpainted furniture. Should prepare warm water and a sponge to wash.

Give a little soap into the water to clean it. Use a toothbrush to brush a difficult angle. After that, end to take a damp cloth with a soft surface to wipe the surface overall.

Always Use Glass Tray and Platter on Unpainted Wood Furniture

To keep the unpainted wood table in order to keep it nice and durable should always use coasters and plates when providing food on it. If not, would risk leaving a damp stain or heat directly on the table surface.

Try Unpainted Wood Furniture Often Cleaned

Many homeowners are lazy to clean the unpainted wooden furniture. It can lead to an unpainted chair, an unpainted table or an unpainted wooden cabinets get dirty and dusty. You should regularly clean the unpainted wood furniture. After cleaning do not forget to cover it with gloves or tablecloths.

Take advantage of Shoe Polish for Caring for Unpainted Wood Furniture

Take advantage of shoe polish to hide the cracks in unpainted wood furniture that has been long. Choose the same color as the surface of your unpainted wooden furniture. When the rainy season, should enter into an unpainted wooden chair in the house so as not exposed to direct water during the rainy season.

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